How To Cancel Movie Tickets on Paytm? – Step By Step Guide


Not Sure of your movie plan? And you just booked a movie ticket from the Paytm app, but in the end, you want to cancel your ticket. here in this guide, I will tell you ‘How To Cancel Movie Tickets on Paytm’

how to cancel movie tickets on paytm,
how to cancel movie tickets on paytm,

Paytm is one of the best applications for ticket booking online the same as Recharge & bills Payment it works very fine. Nowadays, it is giving many cashback and offers a coupon on each movie ticket booking, and I’m sure many of us already started using the Paytm app for movie tickets.

But sometimes we have to cancel the ticket for our official work, And we regret that our money is lost. But now Paytm has given us an option to cancel booked movie tickets from their application and cancel movie tickets on Paytm is not difficult

Paytm released cancellation protection to cancel movie tickets and get back a full refund. It doesn’t matter which seats you choose easy cancellation, and an instant refund can be done from their application if we use their ticket protection service.

Before the Paytm Ticket Protection released Paytm doesn’t allow to cancel the movie ticket through Application or Website, the only way remained to take the money back is to pass the tickets to your friends or family member or stand near the theatre and sell the tickets there,

Evenly I did this some years ago on the day of Eid, a Salman Khan movie was released, and I wanted to see the film with my friends. My friends told me we will buy a ticket later and said to me buy the ticket now. I bought the ticket, and suddenly my friend’s plan cancelled. I was angry that time I went to the theatre and sold the ticket

Now Its time to get back to the topic how to cancel movie tickets on paytm

To get 100% Refund of a movie ticket after cancellation always book your ticket with “100% Refund On Cancellation Policy” option.

Steps To Book Movie Tickets on Paytm with Refund Policy

  1. Open Paytm Application or Visit Paytm Movies
  2. Search For Your Movie And Select it
  3. Select your Movie Theater, Timing, Date
  4. Now, select your seats for further proceeds
  5. At the payment page, Select “100% Refund On Cancellation ” to get the refund if by chance you cancel your ticket.
how to cancel movie tickets on paytm
how to cancel movie tickets on paytm
  1. Now If You Wish To Add Coupon For Further Discount then apply it at promo code section and complete transaction.
  2. That’s it your movie ticket will send in your email or mobile phone

If you Have Booked The Ticket with the refund policy, then Paytm will charge you an extra amount for refund policy additional 91 rs can be charged from Paytm and you will get new feature refund policy. you can also check activation of call waiting

Steps To Cancel movie tickets on paytm

  1. Open Your Paytm Application or visit
  2. Login To Your Profile
  3. Click On Your Profile
  4. Select My Orders
  5. In My Order Tab and there, you can view your Movie Ticket order.
  6. Now, click on your movie ticket booking order and tap on cancel ticket option.
how to cancel movie tickets on paytm
how to cancel movie tickets on paytm
  1. Now That’s it your movie ticket will be cancelled, and you will receive your amount instantly

With These Step By Step Guide, You Will Be able to cancel movie ticket on Paytm, and you will be refunded after some time, but there are some policy that you should follow

Paytm Movie Cancellation – Terms & Condition

  • Cancellation Policy Is Only Available for Selected Cinemas And Selected Seats
  • cancellation of Ticket will only consider if the ticket cancellation request made 3 hours before the showtime
  • if the cancellation made before 3 hours of show time, then full money of movie tickets will refund within 24 hours in Paytm wallet
  • Refund will be given for only movie tickets any additional convenience fee or food and beverages will be non-refundable
  • Cancellation Protect charges are non-refundable even if the tickets aren’t cancelled

Final Words

With The help of the step by step guide, you can easily cancel your Paytm movie ticket and can get back the full amount of your movie ticket in you Paytm wallet within 24 hours but the ticket must be bought with cancellation policy other you will not receive a refund

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