How To Open Tamilrockers Website: 3 Best Ways To Access


Tamilrockers is one the popular piracy site due to leaks of Bollywood movies government banned the site. here I will tell you “How to open Tamilrockers Website” with these methods. Here you will get the best three methods to open the site and you will no longer need to struggle for accessing the website

How to open Tamilrockers website
How to open Tamilrockers website

What Is Torrent?

‘Torrent’ I’m sure you heard the word it is one of the famous names for piracy. every type of content like Movies, games, tutorial, pornography and many more you can get for free. this is my answer in an easy way you can find many more answer typical answer

How Torrents Work?

torrent works with BitTorrent and Utorrent client. it is a peer-to-peer protocol technology, which means that the computers in a BitTorrent( Or in other software) uses a group of computers to download and upload content the same torrent transfer data between each other without the need for a central server of the file.

What Is Tamilrockers Website

Tamilrockers is one best website for downloading the latest Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu movies and web series. you will get all type of content for 100% free. but it is an illegal website all the content provided in the website is pirated and Tamilrockers does not have rights to use the content publicly

Tamilrockers website is blocked by the telecommunications authorities of India(ISP) to prevent against the movie and games piracy. Since the Indian government has blocked it, its primary domain is frequently changing which makes difficult to find the website for users.

Movies are generally leaked the other day of released in low-quality PreDvd or HDCAM quality. However, if you wait for 3 months you can get HD prints also. The sizes of the movies vary due to quality and uploader.

The highest Size of the movie is approximately 5.1GB HDrip it is for TVs, And another size 1.4 GB HDrip quality is best for laptops, the remaining is perfectly fit for mobile phones. Bluray quality which can be from 5 GB to 15 GB.

How to open Tamilrockers Website?

these are 3 ultimate methods for accessing the website after this method you will no longer need any other method to access Tamilrockers. I personally know all the methods given below which works very well. you can easily access this website within a second. here I am giving the easiest way to access Tamilrockers website.

  • By Changing Http to Https
  • By Proxy
  • By VPN

all the method given above is personally used and tested and i am also using these method to open tamilrockers

How To Open Tamilrockers Website by changing https to https:

this is one of my favorite method which i primary use to open Tamilrockers website And I’m Sure Only 1% People know This Trick this Is Very Rare method to access Tamilrockers website.

For Using This Method All You Have To Know Is new Link OF Tamilrockers website and Little bit trick and you can access the website within seconds

Tamilrocker New Link

Tamilrockers always change its link for bypass ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) and can connect with Tamilrockers website. there are many old sites which I’m not providing here. here is the new Link

Steps To Access Tamilrockers Website Via Changing Http
  1. Open Browser
  2. Go To
  3. You Will See Banned Message
  4. Click On The URL
  5. Change Http:// to Https://
  6. Click Enter
  7. Done

This Might Not Work In SomeDevice if You Are A Wifi User Then It Will Definetly Work. But Maybe not work in jio internet

How To Open Tamilrockers By Proxy

If The Above Method Is not working in your Device then you can follow this 2 method and the this will work on any device and network all you have to do is open it in a new tab and you will see Tamilrockers website without any changes

Top 15 Tamilrockers Proxy and Mirror Sites (All Working)

These Are All The Proxy Website Which is Currently Working All You Have To Do Is Open in a new tab and You Will See The Website Is Opening Without any ADS. you can also check activation of call waiting

How To Open Tamilrockers By VPN

If The Above 2 methods also did not work then is the best method you can try to access to Tamilrockers VPN. Tamilrockers always change its link to access the Tamirockers website through Tamilrockers New link provided because of ISP block.

Steps To Open Tamilrockers By VPN

Step 1: Go To PlayStore And Install UFO VPN

Step 2: Open UFO VPN ( Skip ADS)

Step 3: Tap on Connect

How to open Tamilrockers website
How to open Tamilrockers website

Step 4: You Will Ask Permission for VPN Access Click ok

Step 5: Now Are Connected To VPN Open

How to open Tamilrockers website
How to open Tamilrockers website

Step 6: Done! You Can See Website Is Opening

Now You Can See Website Is Accessible Without Any Domain link Changing Just Open With New Link And You Will Be Able To Access Tamilrockers Website Without Any Problem. if you have any problem regarding access of the website then don’t forget to comment down below and you will get all of your answers ASAP!

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