Queencee VPN APK Download for Android 2020


Everyone wants VPN these days VPN has become very important these days to prevent hacks and privacy. For it, Queencee VPN APK has played a fantastic role with high security and speed. It can be perfect for fast internet with high-level security with many servers, and instant connectivity makes you hide in the online world, which is very necessary.

Queencee VPN APK
Queencee VPN APK

However, privacy is essential these days to stay safe in the online world. Most people are very concerned about their privacy in an online world of gambling, hacking, etc.

Here Queencee VPN played a fantastic role in staying safe. It provided much security after VPN so that hackers cannot access your data. It is the most of it that you can use it for free internet; also, there are some telecom companies allowed to access some of their servers for free, and we can take advantage of it and can use free internet without a recharge.

in this article, I will provide you how to download Queencee VPN and its proper way to use and each and everything that you have to know regarding Queencee VPN

What is Queencee VPN?

Queencee is a virtual private network application; it allows you to connect with different servers. it is a product of Psiphon Pro VPN so it will provide the best privacy support and better connectivity

The Best part is that you can get good internet speed in deep connection. Somehow its server managed to provide fast internet. all the servers are very optimized to transfer data packets very fast

John Vincent Diaz develops this Application for android phones and tablets. Psiphon INC owns it. And further, it is a free tool you can download and use it.

moreover, you can use custom proxy in it just configure your proxy details in the app and you will be easily use you provided proxy and access internet with your given proxy setting it is very easy just put details and you are good to go.

there are many application and webiste available on the internet that can access your personal data and can you it in promotional purpose but if you have VPN you will not expose your personal data

App Details:

NameQueenCee VPN Apk
Size6.1 Mb
Developed ByQueenCee Team


Queencee VPN
Queencee VPN
Queencee VPN


There are plenty of VPN applications on the market, with each trying to be the best in terms of protection and speed of communication. So, I’ll tell you in this segment why and how the QueenCee VPN is the best on the market:

  • Creates a Fast Internet Connection even on slow network.
  • Tons of country’s servers available to connect with.
  • Establishes a Secure Connection to any country.
  • Neat User Interface.
  • Low Battery Consumption.
  • Unlimited & anonymous P2P/torrenting.

How To Use Application?

  • Download The Application From Given Link Below
  • Make sure you have installed it in your phone
  • Open it and Tap on “Connect”

How to Download and Install QueenCee VPN APK

  • Download Apk From Here
  • Locate The Downloaded File
  • Click On It
  • Install It


  1. Is using this app illegal?

    No, using any VPN app is not illegal in any way because you are just making your own private connection.

  2. How to verify that my location has been changed?

    Just visit whatismyIP and verify your IP with the server you selected.

  3. Do I need to root my phone to use QueenCee VPN?

    No, you don’t need to root your phone for using QueenCee VPN APK.

  4. How much I need to pay for using this app?

    This app is completely FREE.

  5. What is the minimum RAM configuration to use this app?

    You must have a minimum of 1Gb of RAM in your phone to use this app.

Apart From all of this, you can also use free internet in India with this app. if you are an Airtel user then you can use free internet setting are given below

Airtel Free Internet Trick #1

NOTE – Maintain Rupees zero in your main account balance, also no need of any data packs for this trick

1. Make sure that you are using airtelgprs.com as the default APN in your android device.
2. Download and install QueenCee VPN for android
3. Enable your mobile data [airtel]. Open QueenCee VPN application
4. On the handler menu do the following changes:
>> Give tick mark on ‘remove port column’
>> set Proxy type as ‘ Real Host’
>> Enter custom header  X-Online-Host
>> enter any of the following on the Proxy server
one.airtel.in      [recommended, first try with this]
>> set Real proxy type as ‘default’
>> Enter any of the following address on the real proxy server
>> enter real proxy port: 80 or 8080

5. Now tap on the save button. then connect.
You will be connected within 3 minutes. After a successful connection, you can enjoy free internet on your android phone with airtel sim.

This Trick working fine in Kerala. Personally confirmed. 

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