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How To Return Flipkart Product or Exchange in 2020

Flipkart made online shopping easy, simple and quick. But Sometimes We Need To Return the Product Here I Will Teach You How To Return Product on Flipkart or Exchange in 2020. By Flipkart, You can order whatever product you want from your smartphone. Your favorite product is one click faraway from the tap.

click on buy and get the product within some days. But Some Time we don’t get satisfied products. The products were not exactly what we expected. It may be the wrong size or wrong color that we saw in the image or in the rear case, we get damaged/defective products. So, What Do We Do Now? The Answer Is Simple As That ‘Return’ Flipkart Gave Us Option To Return The Product.

Two Methods to Return Product

There Is Two Option from Flipkart. One is We Can Exchange Defected Product With the New One or We Can Get A Full Refund In Our Bank Account through IMPS.

As an Example If You Got Damaged or Unfit Product from Flipkart and after getting the product the sale has no more means the product has out of stock then you can wait for the next sale. you can give your email address for future support. if the product comes again in sale Flipkart will notify you or you can get a full refund To know more, click here

Both Exchange and Return Has Different Method so here I will teach you

how to Exchange Flipkart product?

To start the return process you have to open the Flipkart app, then click on the top left side three-line this will open the Flipkart menu where you have to click on ‘my orders’

A new Tab Will Open of, it will show your list of all products that you purchased, Now Click On ‘RETURN

Now You Will See The Specific Product Details Its Specs, Order id, and other information regarding the product, click on Reason For Return and select the valid reason. if you did not find the reason then simply click on others and for other reasons fill out the reason why you want to return your product. down below you fill the comment section you give feedback. tell them your experience in the comment section:

Provide all Details And Click On Continue

How To Return Product on Flipkart

after clicking on continue a new page will open here Flipkart will ask you for your name, mobile number, and pickup address. simply fill all the details the delivery address should be the same where the product originally delivered. on this, there is another section that says What do you want in return?. Here You have to select ‘Replacement of same product‘ 

After that choose your pickup address. Your delivery address will be selected as pickup address, by default, however, you can change the pickup address; if you want.

After selecting the pickup address, tap on ‘Confirm Return

That’s It You Have Successfully applied for product exchange on Flipkart. now the Flipkart will send a delivery boy to take your defective product will give you a new product within some days

NOTE: There is a different time period in different products Some Products has a ten-day return policy and some product has a 30-day return policy. electronics (Large appliances, mobile phones, laptops, etc.) has a 10 ten days return policy. lifestyle category which includes clothing (excluding lingerie, innerwear, socks, and freebies), footwear, eyewear, fashion accessories, and jewelry (non-precious) has 30 days return policy for more details on this subject, visit the Flipkart app. Download your app and log in to your account.

How To Return Product on Flipkart?

Now I Will Tell You How To Return Flipkart Product? Follow the given Steps From Below, by following these steps you will be able to return Flipkart product and can get a full refund

How To Return Product on Flipkart

As I Mentioned Above You Will See Two Option #1 ‘Return Or Replace Product‘ and #2 ‘Refund‘ so if you want to return the product to Flipkart and want Refund Then Click On ‘Refund‘ Option.

after clicking the refund option Flipkart will ask how you want to get a refund?. if you did online transaction then Flipkart will on that account. if you did COD (cash on delivery) then you have click banking and provide the bank details in which you want to get a refund. You Have to fill Bank Account Number, Ifsc Code, Etc.

Now Click On ‘Confirm Return

NOTE: If you paid online via debit card, internet banking, credit card, etc., choose the’ Original payment method’ first choice. You don’t have to fill in any kind of detail after choosing this Your money will be refunded automatically to the same account from which the money was debited. Select the Pick-up Address after choosing the refund method.

You successfully applied to Flipkart for a refund. Now a delivery boy will come in a day or two, and take the package from you. You can receive a refund as soon as you give the items over to the delivery boy. Flipkart refund will be given between 5 to 7 days

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