Top 5 Best ways To Stop Flash Messages in Airtel

Stop Flash Messages In Airtel

Flash Messages are one of the irritating promotions we usually see it came from the network service provider side. Here we see how to stop flash messages in airtel because airtel gives more flash messages than other telecom companies. other network providers like Jio, Vodafone has limited it but airtel user gets irritated more due to their thousands of promotion

In Today’s Era, most of the phone users moved to an application like WhatsApp, telegram and no one opens a normal text message using traditional SMS is becomes zero now most of us are using messengers. we only open Messages application when we wait to receive an OTP (one-time-password ) and for business messages. Today people check SMS Inbox rarely due to some promotion shits.

Advertisers are now started sending promotional text by sending flash messages which are very annoying it captures most of the screen and while doing some important stuff and getting this promotional text make us very irritated.

peoples are facing difficulties while playing games many user-reported while playing PUBG mobile they get pop-ups every 3 to 5 minutes and they get fully irritated and it is also draining a lot of battery. battery drains very fast

Especially for mi user, it is necessary to block this useless irritated text. mi user continuously get this flash promotion messages but don’t worry there is a simple way to block it permanently in you android phone

Airtel Flash Message!

Flash Messages Pop-ups show in front of any application like above-given pictures and every time people need to dismiss it. now I will show you step-by-step How To Stop Flash Messages In Airtel

Steps to Stop Flash Messages In Airtel

There are many methods to stop flash messages in airtel some of them are can be done in seconds depends on the device

1. Stop Flash Message From Simtool kit

Stop Flash Messages In Airtel
  1. Go to ”App Drawer”
  2. Find Sim Toolkit and click on it
  3. you will see lots of option find “airtel now!” and tap on it
  4. Then Click on “Start/ Stop”
  5. And At the end Tap On Stop! option

after these steps, Airtel now! will deactivate some time airtel now is the reason for flash messages but sometimes not if the above methods does not work then go for method#2

2. Stop Flash Messages By DND activation

if the first method does not work then you can stop annoying flash messages by activating DND (Do-Not-Disturb) You Can Follow These Steps To Stop Flash Messages by DND activation.

Do Not Disturb Services Can Be Activated From ““Easily by just following few steps or you can activate by sending a text

  • Sms “START 0” to 1909 for activating DND

And Its Done Vola! These 2 methods will definitely remove flash messages

3. Stop Airtel Now! by message,

if the first method does not work well for you then you can also stop airtel now by sending a text message to airtel and it will stop soon!

  • Send Message STOP ANOW to 58234 to Stop Airtel Now!

within a couple of hours, it will deactivate.

4. Stop Airtel Now! online

If all The above method does not work for you then there is a another option left airtel now can also stop online from “” website

  1. Firstly Go To find below “unsubscribe from existing services” click on it
  2. it will ask your mobile number With OTP (one-time-password) verification
  3. enter the mobile number and click submit. it will send OTP to your given mobile number and ask to fill OTP
  4. enter OTP and find Airtel Now!
  5. check and deactivate it

STOP Flash Message by Dailing USSD Code

there is another option to stop you can stop it by dialing USSD Code and deactivate it

  1. Dial *121# and click on services
  2. select Start/Stop
  3. Tap on STOP


I Hope These Method Will Stop Annoying Flash Messages in Airtel and you will use you mobile flash messages free

we would like to hear which method worked for you don’t forget to comment down below we will like to reply you and if doesn’t then also comment we will try to help


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